Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carnage Project launched!

The Carnage Project has now officially started! The project will be in development from this date to the scheduled presentation at Gotland Game Awards in late May. The team behind Carnage consists of students currently studying the second year at the department of Game Development at Gotland University (Högskolan på Gotland).

This blog will be devoted to follow our time in the office - showing work in progress, ever-changing game-builds and hopefully post some other interesting stuff as it's being created. The game will be made in Epic Games Unreal Engine 3 using the UDK-tool along with some additional software for content creation.

If you look behind the scenes you'll find that a lot of shady work has been going on for some time. The basic game-concept was crafted in early fall last year and has been shaped in to the design we have today during dark winter nights resulting in a complete board game prototype. Our goal was to have a (as good as it gets) complete design in place at project start in order to fully focus on the production-side of things come spring. No doubt a lot of features will still be subject to change during production.

From this day the deadline is close to three months away. Time to work.

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