Monday, March 7, 2011

On the designing of levels

Todays work has been focus mainly on the design and mechanics of our levels. The 'real' course for the project will not start for another three weeks and the work being done right now is under the Level Design-banner. Thus we focus on the best way to construct our levels, to bring out the best possible experience for the players.

This is all theory at the moment but the general plan is to create small design-patterns (templates, if you will) to construct the larger levels from. These patterns will be created with specific aesthetics in mind to help build and change levels to give a certain feel. If this sounds oddly cryptic we will most likely post the system when complete along with proper examples. We are not sure it will function fully the way we imagine it so obviously it needs a lot of testing.

Basic Mockup - Work in progress

When not dreaming up systems for levels we have been busy setting up mock-ups of our game. Basic images of what the game could look like using place-holder art and stuff. These are primarily used as a tool to compose and adjust things like camera-angles, GUI, lighting and so on. Take note - this is done in haste and should not be considered even close to a finished product. 

Early WIP of the cars.

The promise of food and drink now drag us away from the office. More to come later.

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