Friday, April 1, 2011

A first look on weapons

Spring has come and with that proper work-weeks! We've wrapped up our other work and are now focusing fully on Carnage.

WIP-render of two cars

In Carnage we plan on having a range of weapons being picked up by the players. These will bring death, destruction and fun to the track. The line-up is decided along with their functionality, mechanics and so on but the specific visuals are still in the concept-phase. One of these weapons is the Rocket Boost.

Not as explode-y as it looks

It's a funky missile that you shoot at a car of your choice, enemy or self, and it'll attach to it bringing the car a heavy speed-increase for one turn. This can be used to rush ahead even with a fully damaged car or force opponents to smash in to corners at far too high speed causing them to take damage.

Stay tuned as more concepts, models and in-game screens will come up as they are being done.

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