Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Well, it has cars and stuff"

The long days at the office are producing results! Coffee goes in, models and code comes out. This is the secret to our craft.

A simple track used for testing.

Pictured above is a temporary test-track along with WIP-models etc. used for coding, mainly the navigation-nodes at this point. The tile-system used to create tracks can be seen with a darker border separating the different tiles. It's pretty rough still as neither graphics nor code is close to finalized. 

Spikes are to be kept away from balloons, bubbles and cuddly animals.

When the other racers occupy the track ahead you'll want to make them know (politely of course) that you are interested in passing them. You can always give them a friendly bump, making sure they speed forward to that closing trap or sharp corner. When on a fouler mood however, a less friendly notifier might be in order. Pick up these Front-mounted Spikes along the way and make sure the others feel it when you are closing in. Ramming another car with these at your front will cause additional damage and leave a lasting impression.

Keep checking in for further updates on the progress of the Carnage Project!

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